Is It For You


  • Do you run a small business with service operators?
  • Do you have repeat clientelle?
  •  Is your business mobile or service based?
  •  Do you want to  make the bookwork part of running the business easy?

Don’t be fooled,   working for yourself is not necessarily running your own business.  Many business owners are still just doing a job, difference is, if they are sick or want to go away on holidays – there’s no income!

We feel one of the greatest benefits of Keep It Easy Software, is that it was created for small businesses!

There is simply no aspect of running your small business that this streamlined software  does not make easier; the time benefits are astounding. It is optimised to deal with every element from job scheduling & management to invoicing & BAS statement figures, SMS and the list goes on.

Some Industries that currently use our software include;

  • Lawnmowing & Gardening
  • Home Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Window Cleaning
  • Dog Wash, Pet Grooming, Dog Walking, Farrier, Pet Dentist
  • Pool Care, Car Wash, Auto Detailing
  • Music Teacher, Tutor
  • Massage Therapist, Beauty Therapist, Speech Therapist

It is just like putting your business tasks on auto pilot – leaving your hands free for the vital things.

If you want your business to be profitable, have a growing client base and keep out of trouble with the tax man then there are some jobs that just cannot be avoided.

Our software has been designed by small business owners like you and extensively tested in the field to make sure that all of these jobs are like child’s play. And because complicated software only ends up wasting more of your valuable time our software is not only efficient it is incredibly easy to use.

Scheduling, Invoicing, Client Management, Bookkeeping and BAS statement figures become effortless once you have been through the initial set up process. Tasks that once took hours will take a matter of minutes.

Our Keep It Easy software is not only the best; it’s the only Australian software of it’s kind. We have made sure it is the easiest software to use at the lowest price possible with the best assistance available.

But don’t just take our word for it, try before you pay.  Click here at the top of the screen for your free trial and experience the power of Keep It Easy for yourself. We know you are going to love it.

In fact we are so sure, we do not ask for any payment details and would like to offer you this guarantee.

Save an Hour A Week or your money back.

We are so sure that our software will save you time we want to offer you a guarantee that makes trying this software an easy choice.

If after trialling the software you purchase it and find you are not happy with the software after another 30 days and it is not saving you at least an hour a week– we will return that months payment if you decide to cancel. All we ask is that you send us an email with feedback on what you think could be improved.

How fair is that? Either you save tons of valuable time or we give you back your cash.

Keep It Easy – Put Your Business On Auto Pilot Today.